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Wedding Belles

Whenever I hear wedding bells ring, I am actually more excited with planning what to wear rather than being happy for the couple. Just kidding! But admit it; it’s such a party conceptualizing an outfit especially now that weddings have outgrown the traditional way. More and more couples tend to go for extraordinary themes or motif. 

In the sunny Philippines, a lot of couples have a beach wedding theme. Since we are a tropical country, we have beaches everywhere, making it convenient for couples when looking for the perfect date and location. Whenever I hear of a beach theme wedding,  I always picture an altar at the seashore, rows of chairs with sand as the floor, a beautiful sunset as a view, overflowing flowers on each aisle, the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves as the background. I always consider a lot of factors choosing an outfit.

First is the occasion, location, time of the day, theme or motif, etc. I make sure to breakdown the factors of it, then adding up the level of comfort to finish every single look. I learned my lesson that you should never sacrifice comfort over fashion, okay, maybe just a little but make sure it’s worth the sacrifice. I haven't gone to a beach wedding yet but I always have a picture what to wear to one. I always imagine wearing a maxi dress or skirt and top combo in a light and breezy material, minimal accessorizing, and a really comfy pair of flats or sandals. My summer color palettes is composed of pastel colors and incorporating it with floral print. I actually made sets from my polyvore account to attend a beach wedding. I have five summer wedding guest sets. 

A corset top, a maxi skirt, a sun hat and pair of comfy open flats equates my first set. For an outdoor set up, I added a really nice sun hat to protect my face from getting all burned. Also, finishing the outfit with a light envelope bag and an espadrille sandals. I always go for top and maxi skirt combo for times like I need to look casual and formal at the same time. 

An off shoulder top, a color blocked midi skirt, a sling bag, a scarf as a choker and a pair of sneakers in glitters. This set is for the ladies who are not comfortable with wearing floor length skirts and wearing heels. Another option is the midi skirt. But this set is more for a summer wedding indoors. I added a scarf as an accessory for the purpose that if it gets chilly indoors you could use it as a covering. The sneakers is optional but I have this fascination for dress up sneakers like this pair filled with glitters.  

summer indoor wedding

summer indoor wedding by genbibandi featuring red skirts

A mullet dress, envelope bag, gladiator sandals, a bangle and a sun hat is my third set. This set is for the ladies who don't want to bother pairing tops and bottoms, a no brainer actually, a floral dress is the key. The cut of the dress is a mullet bottom and cold shoulder top. I would love to pair this dress with a nice and simple gladiator sandals since it will show a part of your legs. Also, added a few more key piece accessories which is the gold floral bangle, a hologram envelope bag and a sun hat. This key pieces will serve its purpose as the cherry on top of the outfit. 

A nice pair of trousers, a frilled top matching with a pair of same tone of wedges, a shawl vest, rock star sunglasses, and a bucket bag in straw is my fourth set. This set is more of earth tones making it light and cool. I added the vest if in case the sea breeze gets colder. I more and more enjoy styling with trousers since it is quite a convenient for ladies in a location where you can't be sure of the predictable weather.

sleek summer wedding

sleek summer wedding by genbibandi featuring Alexander Wang

My fifth set is different. I made this for my forever wedding date, my husband. I picked something really basic. His style is more of clean and sleek. He likes to keep everything simple. I picked a charcoal grey shirt. If to be worn in the outdoors, I would fold it for him for it to become a quarter sleeve. As for the pants, I chose something darker than khaki. I also chose something with a quirky embroidered design. I also added a nice and simple brown leather belt for it to be look put together. A pair of slip on sneakers for him to be comfortable at all times, and a pair of sunglasses because his fond of wearing them. I only made one set for the men since this style may be converted from outdoors to indoors location. 

Wedding Date

Wedding Date by genbibandi featuring mens belts

In choosing what to wear to an occasion, I hope you guys would remember to wear something you are comfortable with since this type of gatherings takes hours to be done and a time to enjoy the memory to be shared with the couples.

I had so much fun sharing my mood board for beach weddings. I hope my little sharing of converting styles from indoors to outdoors helped you guys out in choosing your next ootd for a wedding. 

Hoping to make another style tips post like this. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.
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Love, AnDi xx

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