Linggo, Hunyo 28, 2015


When everything that seemed to be a fairy tale-like experience for me has suddenly come to a halt. It was like a jeepney ride that when the driver have picked up his speed, a passenger have decided to say "Para!" and the driver have stepped on the breaks for the trip to stop. It was like a dream that when the story have come to the climax someone decided to wake you up, completely getting your thoughts lost when you wake up. It was like a Woody's Round Up final episode that when Buzz Lightyear was launched the producers decided not to finish it.

When people took away things from you without a warning, all you'd want to do is just sulk in a corner when you end up realizing you could have done better and makes you think too that no matter what you do it was all too late now.

This year was supposedly my year but I just hung on to that thought but never did made a huge effort to make things right when it all got out of my control. I've been through a lot of disappointments, consumed energy to cry a river, bruised and hurt by the pain that will scar me for a lifetime but this one was way different. It have risen to a whole new level that only one person could cure and wash it all away.

I took a few days break from work to pick myself up and gather my thoughts to celebrate a special day of my niece. We traveled all the way to The City of Pines for it and it was all worth it.

Superhero was the theme for the party. Kids were required to attend in their superhero costumes. My siblings agreed on wearing a superhero shirt. I couldn't think of a better superhero than myself. So, I dressed up as myself with an off-shoulder top and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Yes. Another shoulder baring top on a cold and rainy Baguio weather.  

We were in a hurry to the venue when I had these pictures taken that's why I haven't got that many choices. Like in life in general, you're blessed if you had more than two choices in every aspect. Anyway, I'm leaving you guys with pictures I've managed to take. It was nice to act as a kid again getting all giddy with the party treats, sharing memories to keep with your family and a few hours of temporarily taking myself away from all the pain.

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