Sabado, Agosto 1, 2015

A Year Older

Gaining new experiences, life lessons, memories to be kept and forgotten and even a person who'd take and love you deeply are just a few things I was able to get for the past year. And now that I'm nearing the silver age, I can't help but to take it all in and to think of what I can do and should do in the hopes of having my dreams and future endeavors come true. (Oh, How I love that my last line yet again rhymes, having not done it on purpose.)

I turned twenty four, two months ago and the pressure keeps ticking on me every time. I have adapted and embraced my cramming and running around at work on busy days, my dinner nights at home with fam when I have to attend to kitchen and dish washing duties, and neglecting my time I should have given to family, friends and the love of my life that I wasted on being sick days.

Today, I realized that shopping will no longer cover this thing that I'm feeling right now. It is now time take into consideration what life offered me and use it as something that would push me beyond my limits. I do admit that lazy days still kicks in once in a while and attending to busy days neglects my whole well-being, having been sick every now and then. But seeing everyone who surrounds me taught me what to need and want in life is all fairy tale-like. It's the part when you thought you've already reached your happy ending, but there is more beyond that happy ending. 

But before we have that heart-to-heart talk on what awaits beyond our happily ever after, I now reach the point of the post of sharing to you guys what I wore on my twenty fourth birthday.

Mesh dress used as top: Ripples by Jenny, Skirt: Thrifted,
Belt: SM Kids' Accessories and Floral Sneakers: Bonita y Elegante 

As I was making this post, I also realized that I lost my February files already. Good thing I was able to save this single full body outfit picture of mine.

We all know how the mesh in between trend has circulated in the later part of 2014. It's one of the most genius ideas I've embraced for showing some skin but not really showing actual skin at all. I got this dress last December online from Ripples by Jenny, it was too short for me. So, I layered it with this skirt in a fun print and color and secured it with a belt. As for my new pair to be abused, it's actually a fun idea how I got this. For our Christmas kringle at the office, my manita asked me what I wanted to get. I was clueless then until I saw this on Bonita y Elegante's ig feed. I was not sure if it would fit but still gave it a try. To cut the story short, I shopped for my own Christmas kringle gift. Hahaha! Too bad I wasn't able to take a closer picture of it. But to tell you honestly, it's the prettiest floral sneaks I've seen, with pastel floral prints that surely made me want and need to get it.

Back to what awaits after the so-called happily ever after, we cannot deny the fact that every single one of us goes through ups and downs that shakes us back to reality. May it be after finding the prince charming of our dreams, reaching a certain goal you've worked hard for years, proving someone or everyone your worth in this crazy world of ours, it all has post transitions that we need to revive ourselves again in order to have that repeat happily ever after.

All I'm saying is, being happy and contented is all we desire in life but it all varies on each one of us. It all boils down on until when would we be able to hold those dreams to become what we want to become, to follow the path in which to take, and to make decisions that may or may not be the best idea but still works for you in the end. 

This post is quite long than my usuals. I've been really emotional a lot lately with being sick and all.

And that concludes my blogpost for today. I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to hype this look of mine on lookbook here. 


Much love,
AnDi xx

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