Sabado, Mayo 16, 2015

Sporty Self

I am too embarrassed to admit to myself that the last time I had a proper exercise and stretching was way back when I had my weekends dedicated for my ballet class stretching with my cousin which was three years ago. I am not even kidding on how badly I have been neglecting my sporty self. Let me just share that a week ago I have been stressing myself out with a lot of things which made me weaker by the day as the weekend came. It was all just too much to handle for me that it all happened in just a week. Then, reality hits me and I am very thankful that I have someone to discuss this with, without being judged and greatly helped me survive it all. As to this story be related with my sporty self, I have been focusing too much on things that I have yet to consider my needs and wants as well. I was driven to a path that trapped  me in a road block where I can't handle and get a diversion on my own. I was aiming for a target that much to my attempt even I had the same skills as Katniss Everdeen it still wouldn't work as the target moves from a place to another.

A roller coaster ride as everyone has to compare it with. For me, it was an extremely frightening ride that I haven't got the lever to put a stop on all of these. As depressing as it may sound, I have conquered it all by pushing the emergency stop button, even with that someone pushed it for me. With baby steps guiding me to a new, all the more positive self, I have considered giving an after work jog or run a try.

And my sporty self rejoices and looks forward as to when I will start being besties with my running shoes aka. Luffy. Yes. I name my shoes when I get pretty attached to them. Maybe I am biased with this one, because the person who gave this to me has a special place in my heart or rather owns my heart. *wink,wink!

As I indulge in searching for a sports wear to go along with my shoes, I never have the tiniest difficulty since being all sporty and working out has been embraced by the people my age not so long ago. Even in the fashion world, they actually also indulged in it as well. And jogger pants has proven this.

It may have been a mainstream presently but these are pants that are for keeps for me. Besides that it's the most comfiest trend I've tried, it also give this cool vibe for me not so being uptight, literally. Since all my jeans are the skinniest kinds.

They're the type that I could dress up or down with. Pairing it with a sequined top for my first look and with a denim vest and dainty tube top for my edgy girly side for the second one. Of course, sneakers are my go-to for finishing the ensemble. And I couldn't thank my dainty floral sneakers more for making me look like myself despite the slightest experimentation.

Carefree as how I look in the pictures, I would try to hang on to my positive self and to the persons who never lets go of my hand to bring this "I will light up your day!" attitude more.

There were a lot of things for me to consider as I wander on these thoughts. But one thing is for sure, I am going to keep what are mine to be kept. Because the thing that I'm willing to keep is the reason behind the bright smile you see on my face.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.
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Much Love,

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