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Siblings to Love

Today, I woke up early as if I have work today. I was up and ready for a morning walk when I had this better idea of blogging the day away. (I feel bad I haven't got my running kicks, Luffy, a trip to the park just yet.) But as I sulk neglecting my sporty self, an inspi has struck me for the time to blog about a very special day not just for my sister but also to my mom and the whole family.

It has been a month since my sister left the portals of her alma mater. She graduated with flying colors having been recognized for both her academic and clinical achievements, in the field of Physical Therapy. I have always wanted to make my family proud like she does. But that's the thing with having siblings. I have come up with this theory that God gave us siblings to love for us to be able to give what our parents desire to have. Noticed how each sibling has something unique to contribute in the family? So, if you're an only child, you sure have everything your parents could ask for.

And as I graced the special day of my sister. I wore something extra special to that very day. Wearing off-shoulder tops are my go-to when attending special events. Remember the ever so famous Sabo tops that trended with online shops? I went gaga over them that I chose my design for my brother's wedding with such cut. Speaking of online shops, I found this design of top that captured my heart like the Sabo top did. Grab your Ootd, an online shop I've discovered on instagram showcasing trendy dresses, tops, and bottoms, made it possible for such top. Their best seller chiffon pleated tops are just one of my new faves. And planning to get more of it in different colors. I have invested with a white one, for now.

Wore it for my sissy's big day. I paired it with a printed midi skirt and my Valentino-inspired, Sadie flats that I got from A Girl's Haven, another instagram shop that I discovered with such good finds.

Considering that day was a rainy one, I can't help but to thank my comfy ensemble to survive that day. I was also the photographer and I haven't encountered a single problem. Thanks to the hassle-free straps of this off shoulder top and one of the comfiest pairs despite the pointy and muli-strap design. 

I like how the whole look is sophisticated despite the baring shoulders and would have to thank the sleeves for giving such vibe to the outfit. Also, I think the mid length of the skirt also contributed. I opted for my pointy shoes because I'm afraid the added length of the skirt might get me look shorter than ever esp. that I spent my waiting hours with my really tall little brother and my already taller than me sister and mom are both wearing three inches pair of heels. And I have to rely on the illusion of making myself look taller with the pointy shoes. 

And as I end this post, I just want to share that we all have the time in our lives when we think one is favored than the other, especially when it comes with among our siblings. Let's forget about this thought because I believe that we all have a place in our parents hearts. It doesn't matter how big our family is, may it come to numbers, or even sizes. We all fit in our Mom and Dad's hearts.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.
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