Biyernes, Abril 3, 2015

Summer Hues

My month long hiatus from blogging ends today. The past month has really been a roller coaster ride for me, family coming and go, school days ended for my lil sister and summer vacation for everyone except well, for me. Another busy season for us since Annual ITR deadlines, a week from now, is now coming.

But as I have a few days of break from work, I am sick in bed, dealing with a really bad throat matching with cough and colds. I do feel lucky enough that my fever this morning is now gone. It must be the sudden change in weather that made my immune system weak. So, I'll prolly be staying in bed for the rest of the weekend for me to feel up and about for work this coming Monday.

And as I stay in bed, I want to be productive, too, by composing a post for the opening of another summer season. I know it has started weeks ago with the extreme sunny weather, that temperature rises up by the hour but it just feels like the summer for me starts after Easter.

According to Pantone, the Spring/Summer colors for 2015 is more of cooler and softer side of the color spectrum. Understated brights, pastel hues and nature-like neutrals would set the center stage for this years color wheel spotlight.

And so, I joined in the summer color fun in the said Spring/Summer 2015 trends.

Tropical prints are our summer prints to go along with nautical stripes, bright florals and flashing neons this season. As for me, I'll prolly be sporting my first love which are pastel hues and neutrals for this year's summer or should I say, for almost the whole year round. Since, Philippines a tropical country has more summer days compared to rainy days. Although we are facing another tropical depression this very day. Praying for every one's safety especially to our kababayans in the northern part of Luzon.

One must notice how I've been sticking to wearing trousers or anything not exposing a large part of my legs. You see, after visiting the hot spring resort, I again got a hold of the sand flies that gave me icky looking bites. They're that horrible that I had to sport capri pants, jeans, midi skirts and maxi skirts for the whole summer.

The story of this ensemble though is all about dressing for comfort. A breathable sleeveless top which is one of my Aunt's hand me down clothes. I paired it with a capri pants in green. The clue in pairing printed tops with colored bottom is choosing a color that is already present in the print for complementing purposes. You don't want to wear crashing colors that would be an eyesore to everyone.

To top it all off, I used my already overused pair of glitter oxfords. I'm actually in a search for a new pair of oxfords that I could pair with my wardrobe like this one. If you know where I could get one, comment down below. Back to the outfit, I also used the classic leather sling bag that I could fill every essentials I need.

As for accessorizing, barely there accessories like this translucent bead necklace is just one key pieces for me not just to feel comfy with my finish ensemble but also to look comfortable. Don't you love the shine finish effect this necklace gave? Also, I used a chain bracelet in mint green and just my everyday also translucent looking watch.

I am really happy that it is once again summer where you have an excuse to wear beach laid back outfits to the mall or even when meeting with friends. This year's color trends are very much wearable all year round. You just have to match the right key pieces in order to still look put together. Also, it does't matter if you follow the trend or not, the more important note for dressing up is dressing for yourself. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.
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Much Love,

P.S. Shout out to my special guy who's been worrying about me getting sick, I feel way better now after finishing this post. *wink, wink*

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