Lunes, Agosto 31, 2015

Sunny Essentials

After a long week of being at work or school to some, weekends are our outlet for a few days of R&R. Beach trips, shopping galore, bar hopping, picnics, stay-cations and road trips. Among the few things I have mentioned, road trips are prolly my favorite. I enjoy long drives. Sharing story with your loved ones, listening to your favorite playlist, sight seeing along the road and the most exciting part, spontaneous stop-overs are the real deal when it comes to road trips.

And for weekend trips to push through, preparedness is the key. Besides from the basic necessities we need (e.g. food, toiletries, first aid & emergency kit and clothing) I specifically have four (4) essential things I always bring with me whenever we hit the road.

First, is a camera. I'm such a sentimental person so the memories alone are not enough for me to keep, I need hard copy evidences of such mushy moments I share with my loved ones. I always keep with me this handy dslr of mine.

Second, is a bottled drinking water. We need to be hydrated at all times especially with the hot summer weather or just by surviving not to starve to death in the middle of nowhere. For eco-friendly purposes, I have my own kitty water bottle container so I will just have to refill it every time I'd be allowed and able to.

Third, is a wallet with cold hard cash and an emergency credit or debit cards when you run out of. You simply just can't leave the house without it, what more on a road trip when you'll need it for the gas money, food, other expenses and even to go and pee on a well maintained private comfort room.

And last but definitely not the least, is a pair of prescription sunglasses. I actually have three pairs, one kept inside the car, another one inside my bag and the third one kept in my drawer at home whenever I feel the need to use it instead of the second one in my bag or the first one inside the car. These are really important for our eyes to be protected at all times, considering we get long drive trips mostly on summer days when the sun is scorching hot.

And that concludes today's post. I hope this would help road trip enthusiasts-wanna-be to survive it. We still have a few long weekends for the year making it easier to give time for a must R&R trips.

Also, I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to drop by my ig account for more instagram worthy photos.


Much love,
AnDi xx

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