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Family Love

The ones we started life with, the ones we get our values with, the ones who would tell you to dream on and help you reach for it, that's what we all call family. There are still much more to tell about but this post would be endless if I enumerate it all.

Why talk about family? Well, ours just got bigger weeks ago. Yes. This is going to be that special post I dedicate to my new fave couple Kuya Jc and Ate Monica. Aaah. What love can really do! To those who don't know, I am such a hopeless romantic and this wedding thing brought me to tears. I was tearing up when I saw Kuya Jc holding his tears. I just love seeing how Ate Monica could make my brother really happy and vice versa. You guys know that sparkle you see in someone's eyes whenever they laugh or smile? that's one factor that makes the whole thing genuine.

This wouldn't be just like my other posts where I insert my ootd because I stupidly forgot to take a full body picture of my outfit. Just realized it when I already changed my clothes. Anyway, I'll make another post on the few things I have contributed for the wedding which are the gowns for the entourage. Soo excited to share my sketches!

But for now, let's focus on the lovebirds. Well, in my point of view of the love story, the first time I saw Ate Monica I kind of got this feeling that she could possibly be my sister in the future. This may sound cheesy but it's true. Plus, they say couples that look alike are compatible, and they actually do look alike. Anyway, Kuya Jc was different around Ate Monica, the good kind of different. She changed Kuya for the better. Like, he's now more responsible, more affectionate of his feelings and most of all, no longer that grumpy. (Love you Kuya!) Hahah. He's the eldest among us five, so he's the strict type and we find him grumpy sometimes. Hehe. I could see how relax, and happy is Kuya Jc with Ate Monica.

This post will actually be my first ever photo diary, so enjoy!
Oh yes. This gorge photos are all from Beanscoop Photography. Can I just say, this pictures were beyond what I expected it to be. They have captured every single wonderful moments during the wedding.

RG, the most behave ring bearer delivered Ate Monica a bouquet of flowers from Kuya Jc with a message on the morning of the wedding day.

When the bride walks down the aisle,
the gorge wedding was held at the Baguio Cathedral. 

When the priest was asking Kuya questions, he'd do this. 

The beautiful set up for the newly weds at the reception. 

Look at those adorable lanterns. 

The new couple doing a selfie. Hahaha. Kyuton!

The mother-son dance. Yiee 

The father-daughter dance. 

The wedding cake. 

Getting ready! 

Then, he finds out he has to dance the night away. 

The single gents at the wedding. 

Switching up the game a bit. The one who catches it gets to sit out. 

The single ladies' turn. Trip to jerusalem with a twist. 

Look at our reactions. Hilarious! 

And I finally got to sit out. That was hard and to think I was wearing 3inches pair of stilettos. Ha!

Look who was also relieved. Hahaha! Epic face reaction. 

She was able to sing this beautiful wedding song. The one Lea Salonga sang for her wedding vows. 

After the reception. 

Group picture with the couple. Wacky shot :) 

I think it would be too much if I will still add the same day edit video. But will still leave you guys with this epic fail photo booth experience of ours. We had to give a message for 25 seconds before the photo booth starts, and we did nothing but laugh. Video is also from Beanscoop.

Jc+Monica from Beanscoop on Vimeo.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed this one.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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