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Gawad 2013

Dress: Thrifted, Bag: Dooney and Bourke, Shoes: CLN

Another year has passed and my sister has yet again bagged medals for the past two semesters for being a Dean's lister in their department. I am really proud of her. She always gives Mom what I can never give. hahaha. 

Now, lemme tell you about this outfit. This dress was actually the fourth I've tried on before going to the actual event. I always plan and get my outfit ready the night before every event I attend to, the problem comes when the weather didn't went the way I expected to, or my friends/workmates suddenly changes their mind last minute whether we're going for the all-out or laid-back peg for events. When the uneventful comes, I tend to cram and can't decide which dress or set of clothes to wear. 

In this particular event, the reason was because of problem no.1. Imagine someone wearing a tube dress with a vest and matching white wedges walking in the rain, I don't want that to happen to me, so I tried my luck. I believe the odds were in my favor because I've got a lot of compliments that day.

I chose this dress because the simplest detail gives this semi-formal vibe which is perfect for the event. The bold color given with a hint of neon green and yellow makes it look fun but still classy at the same time. I toned down the color by wearing nude colored sandals that I have my eye on for months. Luckily last Wednesday, I ran out of contacts solution and when I head to the mall to buy one and passed by CLN with an eye catching cardboard sign outside the store that all their items are on sale, I just grabbed that opportunity. Booyeah! Talk about shoes meant for me. People might find it weird but I have this relationship with my shoes that they're all my destiny for fitting me perfectly. Sshhhh! *Doing Aria's pose in PLL* (Yes, Imma PLL fan. Have you guys watched the latest ep? Next week is going to be the spring finale ep. Exciting!)

As for my hair, I went for the no.1 best solution for a frizzy hair, which is the french braid. I experimented with it by directing it sideways. 

Le hairstyle. The ultimate bad hair day solution

Anyhoo, I'm goin to leave you guys with pictures after the event.

My sister with her co-awardees

Proud Mom with sisy

Mom and my weird smile -_-

Mom, Ara, Me and Nino

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