Linggo, Marso 10, 2013

Birthday Suit

So I just turned twenty two a few weeks ago and my official theme song for the year is 22 by Taylor Swift.hahahhaha. Anyway, I've celebrated it with a few from my Diamond fam (my HS classmates) and my relatives on both sides. I've worn this galaxy dress I have been wanting to have ever since. I got this dress from Koreana Shop a month before my actual birthday. I got really excited when I saw  this that I decided to buy and reserve it even if I haven't seen the price yet. Yes. I was that excited. I actually paired it with my glitter oxfords that I also called birthday shoes here since I'd look silly walking around the house wearing this 6in.wedges but ought to use it for the sake of my lookbook post. Scored these wedges on sale with free shipping from the oh-so-famous Asianvogue Shop.

I really had fun celebrating my birthday with them. Since, I have been missing most of them a lot for we are always busy with either work or school. Soo sad not all my former classmates who said yes was able to attend. *ehem,ehem. You know who you guys are*

Anyhow, I now leave you guys with pictures my sister and my cousin managed to take during this special day.
On your left is my cutesy green birthday cake from my LMFs
and on the right is my birthday cake made by my Auntie and Kuya Rick
Believe me,they taste as good as they look.

Blowing out the candle, just finished making a wish.

My cake up-close

With my LMFs Tazz and Kae. The early birds ;)
Missing our lil sis Fi here.

Before having our meriends
Mark came, with another birthday cake. Yay!

(L-R) Me, Mhile, Tazz, Mars, Kae, Jen, Demi and KC
at the winding stairs

Random lang. I love taking stolen shots. Soo pure and definitely real.

Mark, Tazz, Kae and Jen

We also got to contribute to the noise pollution. hahah. Okay. Maybe just me.
Almost all my friends are gifted singers, so hands down.

My cousins, nieces and nephews

Wacky group shot with them. Priceless

With my sister. She helped me with almost everything
during the party. Thanks sis!

Ages: 13, 22, 14, and 14.
Yeah. I should have worn my 6in.wedges

With my brother fresh from work.

With my cousins Kev (another I insisted him to sit.haha)
and Jep (the next pictures are taken by him. A very talented photographer of our fam)

With my pretty niece Chaya

With Ate Clai and my sister Ara.
Missing Ina and Rhonne here.
Another stolen shot.

My cutesy birthday cake from LMFs <3

My birthday cake from Mark and Sarah

Me with my Mom :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I want to hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special real fam and relatives, Diamond Family and of course, my PTC Family. Love you guys to bits. :-*

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  1. should have been there :( I missed this party, ate Bib. Anyway, there are many years to come. Babawi ako! :) I love you, ate! :*

    Mga Tugon
    1. Of course there is more to come! Love youu fi! <3