Linggo, Marso 10, 2013

Birthday Prep

Celebrated my birthday weeks ago. I've decided to throw a themed party and chose a Birthday Tea Party theme. I know that you guys are thinking about the Alice in Wonderland-ish, mad hatter thing but ended up with just an ordinary merienda party with a few friends. Another fail for me. I was planning to buy individually packed milk teas but I ran out of time. Yes another fail excuse apparently. hahhaha.

But, I did went all out with decorations. Stayed 'til 2 am putting all of it up (including inflating balloons). I  actually made the floral curtains and rose pomander weeks before. And as I have mentioned in this post, I made beaded kitty ears headbands for my friends. Never thought party planning and executing it alone was that hard. Next time I'll just order pizza and watch DVD with friends. Less hassle. >'_'<


Cutesy cookie cutters with my cookbooks

Bunny and Hello Kitty cookie cutters


Le rose pomander

The unfinished floral curtains

Making the kitty ears headbands

Le Finish Output

This is how the floral curtain I made turned out.

Also made use of crepe paper

Le rose pomander

Rose pomander. Up-close

Never planned to make this but got an idea after
going home seeing my lil brother's prom decoration

My bunny butter cookies before sunbathing in our oven. XD


My Hello Kitty butter cookies before

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Glitter kisses! xxx

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