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J. Cuppacakes: Salted Caramel

I am no cupcake expert but ever since I have been baking I always wanted to be one. And so my love for making them grew. Through tasting different cupcakes from here and there my knowledge widen. My curiosity in the sweet, sweet world of cupcakery (if there's such a term) grew more and more. So, allow me to review a few that I was able to document. Because believe me, when you love cupcakes you'd want to taste every flavor possible within your reach.

My BU trip opened up that possibility for me. As my friends accompanied me at Megamall before I go home that Sunday I wasn't as determined to look for J. Cuppacakes stall since I forgot to take note where exactly was it located. But when we were on our way out to the taxi bay we passed by it. Can you believe it? I was totally meant to bring home cupcakes from them after all. Ever since I heard about them from Myx's Wer U At, I promised to myself that I'd visit one of their stores when I get the chance to. And there was it.

I got myself a box of six delicately beautiful looking cupcakes in different flavors. And they have an adorable box too.

J. Cuppacakes box of 6

L-R (up): Triple C, Bunny Carrot, and Red Velvet
L-R (down): Salted Caramel, S'mores and Green Tea

But lemme just put the spotlight on the Salted Caramel. As I have said J. Cuppacakes was featured in Wer U At and they have mentioned that one of their best sellers is the Salted Caramel. That's why I tried it first.

Spotlight on Salted Caramel

It look soo adorbs. The smooth top frosting looks too sweet but they're actually not. If I am not mistaken the frosting is actually made of cream cheese to my surprise. It also had this caramel flavored popcorn on top  of it which made it soo cute, I tell you. And adds a bit of texture when you have a bite of the cupcake.

You'll prolly wonder if the popcorn on top only resembles the caramel flavor. Na-uhh! This adorable thing is actually filled with caramel inside which gives that satisfying after shock when you have your first bite. You know that mouthwatering feeling? Kind of like that if you know what I mean.

The caramel filling surprise

And the cupcake itself is soo soft and creamy even if I just got it out of the fridge. I know. J.Cuppacakes' should be stored in a room temp. Putting them on the fridge messes up the texture but believe me when I tasted it nothing felt wrong. It was actually perfect for me and for my Aunt too. I learned baking from her and so I shared this cupcake to her as well. She even told me to have this as her pasalubong the next time I go to Mnl. Hahahah.

And there you have it. The mouthwatering, cream cheese topped with caramel popcorn filled with caramel surprise cupcake or for short le Salted Caramel from J. Cuppacakes. And I thought red velvet permanently replaced my love for chocolates. *sigh* If there's a cookie monster, I'd prolly be the cupcake monster. lol

That is all for this post. I hope I didn't make you guys really hungry with this. Please feel free to leave comment(s) below. I'd love to hear from everyone.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xx

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