Miyerkules, Hunyo 5, 2013


Even though I'm not that fond of playing chess please do allow me to use a term that I think best describes my skirt. Scored this gorge skirt from Pretty Witty Stuff, an online shop that you can find the trendiest pieces in season.

Yes. I am caught red handed being struck by the check sheath fever and as expected a lot in the bazaar was wearing this print as well. May it be a skirt like mine, dress, shorts or leggings they were all present and I joined the party. I paired it with a neon peplum top. You guys might have recognized it since it's the same as my pink peplum top here. Mom bought me and my sister these tops at GH tiangge. She couldn't decide what color to get so she ended up buying most of the available colors/design of it and then we (me and my sister) split it up. *Coolest Mom ever!!!

So this is what I wore at the 5th installment of the Bloggers United Bazaar. I made sure to wear something comfy but not sacrificing the style of course because of my experience last year when the place was a bit too small, it started to look like a sosyal version of divisoria.hahaha. 

And since it was already as good as a fashion event for me, I decided to go for something noticeable. Would you believe The Vern Enciso complimented me with my outfit? *kilig* Though it would have look more put together if I've worn my Kryz cage shoes but I find it impossible to last all afternoon. Believe me, even wearing these sandals at the event I came home dragging myself to bed because my feet almost gave up on me. 

Also, I used the blogger pin that I bought from Gelo's booth. It complimented the color of my skirt and accessories. And TWR, Cheyser Pedregosa also loved my necklace. *kilig* Hai. Overall this is the best BU bazaar I have attended. It was more organized and the best part was, I got in for free. Yes. I won free passes from the Enciso Sisters. Soo unexpected. I just knew about it when I was already Makati bound and checked their blog in the morning of the event.

Can't wait to share with you guys my BU5 experience in my next blog post. I will give you every single detail of it. ( Man that's going to be long!) ahaha.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to leave comment(s) below. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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