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The First of my many Mommy Diaries

For my first Mommy Diaries post, I’ll be writing about something very close to my heart. It actually became a part of my daily routine. I’d never last a day not doing this chore. I tried and tested a couple of things that I finally found the ONE. I’m actually laughing while reading my intro that shows my cheesy passion for bottle cleaning.

When it comes to bottle cleaning I know a lot of moms are very particular. We make sure to use the washing bottle soap that kills 99.9% of germs, we probably use water at a maximum just to make sure there are no excess soap left in the bottle and lastly but definitely not the least, we look for the best and suitable washing bottle brush.

For almost two years, I’ve actually tried several types of bottle brush. I am going to discuss that later. I just wanted to share how happy I am with what I have recently discovered. Also, I find it very crucial when it comes to proper bottle cleaning. Despite the fact that after washing them, we still sterilize them, I find myself very careful when cleaning my daughter’s bottles. Making sure there is no milk residue left at the bottom of the bottles. They should be rinsed properly leaving no soap. It must smell clean but not too much that makes the water or milk tastes like soap.

A big factor of this is choosing the right type of bottle brush. It always depends on the type of bottle your kiddos are using and will always come down to your own motherly gut feel and experience. This is just a mere personal opinion, no way promoting an existing brand. It is all base from my experience. I have actually tried and tested four types.

Bottle Brush with Sponge Head

The first is the bottle brush with sponge head. This was a very effective brush for me especially on the first few month of bottle cleaning. I had difficulty when we switched to bigger bottles though. I had to exert more effort so I could clean the bottom of the bottles properly. The sponge was helpful but the more effort I make, the more I tear the sponge apart from the brush. Also, the stem between the handle and the brush keeps on bending. So, I switched to a different type. It ranges from 40-70 pesos. The longest I had this brush was for three (3) weeks, the least I broke the sponge in just a week. Boohoo.

Brush Flat Head

The second one is the brush flat head. This was also effective since the handle and head of the brush is one and the same, no to bending stems and tearing up sponge. The bottom is also slightly bent replacing the miracle of the sponge head.  This is the brush I had to replace the longest. It lasted for 4-6 weeks. The only problem I have is it is quite pricey. The price ranges from 120-180 pesos.

Basic Bottle Brush

The third one is the basic bottle brush. There was a time when I had no choice but to grab this type since there were nothing else available in the grocery store I went to. The problem I had is that the metal part of the brush is rusting. The stem is also very flexible like the bottle brush with sponge head. I also check the bottle twice after rinsing since I always have a bottle or two left with milk residue at the bottom. Talk about hassle. I clean it all over again. The only thing good about this brush bottle is that it’s the cheapest of the bunch. The price ranges from 20-40 pesos.

Self-rotating Brush Bottle

The last but not the least, the brush I called the ONE is the self- rotating brush bottle. I am totally biased to this brush since it had been my best-est buddy with bottle cleaning. With the mechanical angle that it has helping the brush to rotate on its own, I need not to exert extra effort. The best part is that it also comes with the sponge head feature minus the easily tearing part since I don’t need to effort that much. There’s actually more to that, it’s not that cheap and not too expensive. It’s just the right price. It ranges from 60-120 pesos. I’m using the cheapest type. I bought it at a department store.

There you have it folks. All you’ve read are just from my own experiences. I am not promoting any particular brand. It just boiled down to how I carefully chose what is suited for my daughter’s needs. For the first time mommies out there, you can consider trying them out yourself and for the veterans, please feel free to comment below if you guys have some suggestions and comments about this post.

Also a tip, I clean the brush itself once a week by soaking it with soap and water for 15 minutes, then rinsing it with boiling water. I make sure that the brush is dry and clean before keeping it. I make use of the hard plastic cover that comes with the bottle brush when you buy them.

That is all for today’s post. I hope you guys find it helpful especially the new moms out there just like me. Again, it still goes down to what is best for your kid but a lil reading of others’ experience are great help as I have also experienced all this before when I started at ground zero.



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