Martes, Hunyo 17, 2014

Le Mothers' Day

Countless times I have attempted to make a blog post for the past month, but only succeeded today. Hooray for the non-working holiday. I can't believe summer has come to an end. Like, I just got a taste of salt in the air and sand in my hair a few weeks ago and now it's already over. Sigh.

But before I dump you guys with my summer outfit posts and my recent trip from the City of Pines, I want to share with you first what I wore on every Mom's special day, le Mother's Day.

It was always a joy planning for this day, except this year. Since, my sisy Ara is on her 5th year as a physical therapy student, she's currently an intern, stationed in different P.T. Rehab centers around the country, so this year it was all on me. As the special day came by, I have all come down to prepare Mom a simple breakfast, decorated the house and also made a set of bouquets for my Mom, and all the persons I consider to be my mom also. We went out for a late lunch and snack after. 

And now we have come to the point of sharing what I wore on this special day. 

Top: Ripples by Jenny, Skirt & Belt: SM Dept Store, Shoes: Primadonna

Since it was cloudy on that day, I wore something with sleeves. Plus, my skirt is a bit short so I have to wear something to balance off the length. I've accessorized with silver by using my cutesy bow belt and glitter oxfords, something I discovered that was meant for each other. So, heads up. I'll be using this combo from now on. 

Oh how I love wearing this skirt on. It has this youthful vibe that I can pair it with either pastels or dark colors, which I usually go with the first one since my closet is full of them. And the oh so painful glitter oxfords is painful no more. I'm finally done breaking it in after long months, maybe even for a year. 

Now, I leave you guys with a few pictures taken on that special day.

Recently, I just posted something cheesy for my Dad. Now, it's turn for my Mom.

"Dear Mom,

Oh how life would've been very difficult and complicated without you. In behalf of my siblings, I thank you for being our strength when we were down on our knees, for being our number one fan when were on our own spotlight, for being our fairy godmother when we have wishes to be granted, for being our superhero when bad guys are present, and most of all for simply being our Mom and Dad.

People would say their Mom is the best mom, but to us you are the best of the best moms.

I love you Mommy!

xo, Bib"

I also want to share that let's make our parents feel special every single day not only on special dates.
That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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