Biyernes, Abril 25, 2014


At times when we're not sure with things, we try to think out of the box, just so we could change things up. I have noticed that dress (used as top)+ skirt combo is becoming my staple wear, that's why I decided to go with something different. By doing the reverse.

See the picture above? Don't be fooled. It's not just an ordinary dress, I used it as the bottom for my ensemble. Yep. You read that right. I'm just having a hard time looking for something to pair my crop tops with. Then I remembered Tricia Gosingtian's post about layering a top over a dress. I realized, I never tried  doing it until I came up with this ensemble. It was a special day for my friends who graduated on that day at Ateneo De Naga University. One of my LMFs, Kae, graduated with her second degree and also a Cum Laude. *insert sabog ng confetti here* Congrats Kae! Also, my childhood friends Layka and Kitkat also graduated on that same day, so I've also went to a karaoke grad party that night. Congrats again girls!

Whenever I try new things, I tend to go for neutrals. The basics are always my life-saver. An example is this. I think I pulled this one off because my friends actually thought the top and bottom were separates. I mean, they're really are but they never thought that the bottom was actually a dress. A pat on the back for coming up with this one in less than 10 minutes. I was running late and grabbed my baroque crop top and this striped dress. I've secured it with a belt to prevent the top from moving. Then finished the look with the lace-like necklace in black and gold.

One of the things I noticed when I'm in dress is I could move around freely. Like, everything else is at ease. I still even managed to swing by my Auntie and Popsi's place for a visit. Anyway, I now leave you guys with pictures we were able to take on that day.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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