Linggo, Marso 9, 2014

All White

Summer season is just around the corner. Through the sunny weather and scorching sun already present every single day, it already feels like one. I can now feel the warmth  (or the UV rays rather) of the sun touch my skin every morning since I rarely go out during office hours. I must say it is my favorite season of the year. I am no big fan of pouring rains except when there's a rainbow after. Nonetheless, I still prefer the scorching sun.

One of the reasons why I love summer is getting to have an excuse for dipping in the pool, out of town trips with family and friends or just simply hanging out in a fully air-conditioned mall every weekend. Yes. It sucks that I could only do these things on the weekends. I regret not enjoying summer when I was still a student when I still have all the time in the world. 

Another reason is getting to dress up in florals, the cutest pastel palettes, bright colors and even an all white ensemble. Yes. An all white ensemble is going to be a trend this summer season. And even before summer started, I got excited and wore one.

I cannot erase the fact that even with my age ( I'm already 23) I still prefer buying stuff from the teen section, especially, at The SM Store's GTW (Girl's Teens Wear). I just find the designs of the brands under GTW really nice. They think of everything a girl or even a full grown woman would want to wear. Even the craziest or subtle trends, they find ways to make it wearable.

Top and Skirt: SM GTW's Betty, Shoes: Primadonna

This all- white ensemble of mine has two factors that makes it interesting and not just plain boring white, and that is neon and print. I just love how even the tiniest details made the whole look different. A good example is this neon embroidered design for the top. Look how it turned the classic button-down sleeveless top into something updated. Another one is the cutesy bird prints on my pleated skirt. It reminded me of a nice warm weather, a picnic in the park and even the mocking jay from Hunger Games. Funny how I'm reminded of all these things with just bird prints.

If I've worn it for a day event, I would have paired it with white wedges or nude pumps but since I went to an evening event and I needed to walk a lot, I chose to pair it with my glitter oxfords from Primadonna. I know that the last time I've blogged about this pair was me, complaining on how my feet went numb. This time around my pain tolerance improved. Ha! Things we do for love of dressing up. But it wasn't as bad as the last time, prolly because I just sat the whole afternoon.

I actually wore this to watch my lil brother's pageant. He didn't won but I'm still a very proud sister. It was a good experience for him. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. Photos were taken with my phone. Forgive me for the low quality pics, this is one of my backlogs.

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  1. Hello Anne! You really look like a teenager. I'm loving the Taylor Swift vibe with your outfit :)

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    Anyhow, visit my blog and let me know when I can follow you :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you Lovely! Now, following yours. GFC follow button now up!

  2. Following you na! :) Are you from Baguio? I'm from Dagupan City! Hehe. I have a new blog post, hope you could check it out :)