Martes, Agosto 20, 2013


I tend to overdress a lot nowadays especially that I only get to take outfit pictures and dress up a bit on weekends. But two weekends ago was a special one, because we celebrated my Mom's birthday. I accompanied Mom throughout the afternoon while she went cray, cray shopping and while we wait for my siblings' finish their commitments in school/work before we have the birthday dinner. That's the advantage onfworking on office hours, you get holidays observed by the offices and breaks on weekends. 

It was a special day for Mom so I wore something extra special too.

I've planned this ensemble for months now. But I haven't found the right time to wear it until two Saturdays ago. You guys know how uncomfy I am when it comes to edgy pieces but now that I want to learn more I am now open to work on other styles besides the classic, girly girl and preppy.

I've already blogged about this top here. Got it on sale from Binkydoodles. There are two things why I love this top. First, is the wonderful and artistic print of the material. Very calming to the eyes. The second, is the shoulder cut-out. I don't have very pretty shoulders but every time I wear something showing them off makes me feel good about them. They're prettified with shoulder cut-outs. Anyway, I paired this gorge top with the leather skater skirt that I also blogged about here. So this would prolly now be called Weekender:The Repeat. But srlsy, repeating clothes is not a crime. It's actually a way to get your creative mind work and also to save money for much more important things like a new pair of shoes. Kidding!

If I paired this with a pair of sneaker wedges and a snap-back it would prolly scream bad-a**. But since I have yet to invest for a pair sneaker wedge I'll stick with this cutesy ensemble. I'm looking forward to that day when I will be able to wear one.

Anyway, I'll just leave you guys with a collage that happened throughout the night.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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