Huwebes, Hulyo 4, 2013

Back to School

Na-uhh! I haven't changed my mind on going back to school yet but I'd like to share to you guys  one of the things that makes me want to go back. And it's dressing up for school. Yes. Dressing up for school maybe a bit boring to some but to me I feel challenged to follow the dress code. Hahahah. I find it fun since you have to reach such standards that must not get the attention of your professor or the DSA (in our school) in a bad way but not sacrificing style of course.

Back when I started my college years in UNC (University of Nueva Caceres), wash day or no uniform day or in my case "express yourself day" wasn't observed back then. Wash day in our school was just implemented in the middle of my last semester of my fourth year which was totally useless for our batch since we already have an exemption pass by then (Exemption pass: a pass issued by the DSA for students who are working, or who have practicum/ojt in the morning and have classes in the evening,etc. ) But I also got overly excited for the underclassmen that we left behind. Anyway, despite the fact that we don't have this back then I still go to my class not wearing school uniform. Hashtag: Self-confessed violator on the loose. I confess that I'm no big fan of school uniforms even way back. I even promised to myself that when I become a fashion designer someday one of the first things that I have to make is a new design for school uniforms and propose them to schools. Hahahah.

I remembered numerous times when the security guard would stop me from entering and when I state my reasons they'd always let me in. Lol. But that wasn't everyday because that would prolly be too obvious so I always have Plan B. Plan B is when my Popsi drives me to school especially when him and my Aunt are on there way out. Anyway, the second struggle is when my professor would not approve of me not wearing uniform but luckily within my four years in college all the profs I had didn't mind, as long as I'm wearing something appropriate for school. This is where the real challenge comes in. The rules were simple. No Sleeveless, Flip flops, short shorts/skirts and all things that can distract the whole class. So when I came across this top that my Mom bought for us (me/my sisy, whoever likes it) from a thrift shop, I was beyond amazed. It has all the things I wanted in a top but haven't got something like it that I've worn at school. It has this really unique cut but still looks put together despite the bright orange color. The blue piping actually balanced the color out. Okayyy. This may not pass as something not distracting because of the overly rich orange color but I'd still where this to school. It's just too pretty. In case you guys are wondering, I actually wore this to one Sunday with my fam.

Bright color like this top doesn't need much adornments but I still wanted to add something so I grabbed this acrylic bead necklace I got from SM Accessories. Ever since I saw this on Vern's blog, I told myself that I have to have one. I totally love them since I can pair it easily with almost everything in my closet. Soo head's up, because you'll prolly see this necklace more with my future outfit posts. I also have worn my fave pair of jeans and nude sandals from CLN.

Whenever I have to go to school, I make sure to wear a comfy pair of shoes and bring a roomy bag with me. Even though you'll just be sitting for an hour or two for a class, comfy shoes is a must! Especially when classrooms for classes in a day are buildings apart. For the roomy bag, since I'm a Financial Accounting student back then, we carry loads of stuff. Like an adding machine. Kidding! Our life is not complete when we don't bring our calculators and textbooks which are extremely heavy. If you leave them behind and called for a recitation, you're in total jeopardy. Also, I usually tie my hair in a ponytail since I hate combing my hair every now and then but for a top like this that has a peek-a-boo at the back. I might as well be safe by just leaving my hair down. hahaha.

I know school started a month ago but I couldn't help myself make a "Back to School" post since this top totally reminds me of how I love dressing up for school and (I can't believe I'm saying this) actually misses going to.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to leave comment(s) below. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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