Sabado, Pebrero 23, 2013

Floral Kitty

DIY Cat Ears Headband, Necklace: Trendphile, Bangles: F2M,
Top: Alixandre, Shorts: Pink Apple, Shoes: SM Parisian

Weekends never fail to give the sunshine I haven't been seeing during weekdays because for one, I work indoors and two, the weather is most of the time gloomy because of the tropical depression way down south.   But surprisingly, have you guys noticed that it is always sunny during weekends? The sun always gives me the energy to dress up and to inject summer colors to an ensemble. Anyway, this was taken last Sunday before we left home for mall. Mom and my lil brother accompanied me with my grocery shopping for my party.

DIY Cat Ears Headband by yours truly

Ahhh. Yess. The story behind the oh-so-adorable Cat Ears Headband. I've been wanting to have one since I saw Tricia Gosingtian wore something like it which was months ago. And it lately went viral with bloggers with Anagon Collection releasing it as part of their latest collection or just so happened that the new music video of my fave Girls Generation (SNSD) includes Jessica wearing one.

I actually watched and read a couple of youtube and blog tutorials which made me want to make a few for my friends and give them away for my party. I was hesitant at first since it seems to have this halloween-ish vibe but my friends and the kids at the party love it. Not the thing you'd wear everyday for school and most especially at work but it really does look soo adorable.

I went all the way girly for this outfit (Kelan pa ba hindi? lol). Pink is without a doubt my fave color and combining them with other pastel colors and a punch of neon made it look more fun which is perfect for a sunny weather. The high waist denim shorts also gave this balance.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I want to hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Philippines is a democratic country so I am giving you guys the free

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