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All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi

If you guys read my previous blogs I talked about my love for accessorizing and fashion in general. And I'd like to share to everyone my love and passion through an accessories online shop. Me and my sister launched this sort of online store in facebook here. I added the "sort of" since the first few transactions we had was before we launch the store online. Anyway, we decided with the name All Things Pretty because when we handpicked all the accessories I can't stop saying the words pretty. Like every sentence coming out of my mouth is "Awww. Ang pretty!" or "Omg. This is soooo pretty". Hahahha. Yeah, I'm that weird. Behind the AnDi & ArDi story, it comes from the first two letters of me and my sisters First and last name. (Though I used my second name <also called as middle name in other country>, 'cause GeDi sounds weird and I promised to use Anne in the fashion world. Yeah. that ambitious.)

All Things Pretty started with a few pieces of statement and classic pieces that will surely be useful for every outfit. Yes! You heard (read rather) that right. We handpicked the accessories that we believe can put cherry on top on every outfit. Our accessories line promotes versatility. To see is to believe daw, so see for yourself below for the accessories we started with. ( So happy. Both collection's almost sold out!) 

For the "To Standout" Collection are statement necklaces that will add spark and edge to everyone's look. It's similar as putting a cherry on top.

This is still available. Get one now!
This is still available. Get one now!
This is still available. Get one now!

This one is still available. Get one now!

For the "The Classic" Collection are classic pair of earrings that is essential for every lady to have. They will never get old with other styles that come and go.

This is also available in grey and black. 
This is also available in pink and blue green.

And that is it my friends. Just a few pieces from All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi. We are now working on our next collection and it's all about detachable collars. Shout out to fellow collar addicts out there. The next collection is all about us.

Like us on facebook and to shop for accessories from All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi you can follow the instructions in every album or if you're in a hurry you can text us at +639289624592 or email us at

Yes. Like most blogger does. This is a shameless plug that's why it was a month delayed. hahaha.

'Til my next blog post!


Much Love,

Glitter Kisses! xx

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